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Recurring Donors Provide Important Support for Amistad Research Center

by Kara T. Olidge, Executive Director

Financial support of nonprofit organizations is always an important aspect of ensuring the vibrancy of our shared educational, cultural and social infrastructure. While the current pandemic has greatly affected the financial stability of many nonprofits in the United States, the Amistad Research Center has been pleased to see an increase in one particular area of giving to the Center – support through regular, recurring donations through our Network for Good page.

While end-year giving campaigns and designated philanthropy days like GiveNOLA Day and GivingTuesday are important ways to support the Amistad Research Center, we encourage supporters to consider joining Amistad’s legacy program by becoming recurring donors to the Center. In just a few minutes, you can set up a Network for Good account that will automatically deduct the amount of your choosing from your bank account or credit card on a monthly basis in support of Amistad. It is an easy way to provide regular support to help the Center continue to preserve our collections, create engaging exhibitions and programming, and support partnerships in the community as well as educators and students.

Some of Amistad’s current recurring donors recently shared their thoughts on support for the Center and the ease of the recurring donations through Network for Good:

Ms. Linda Schneckenberg, donor to the Amistad Research Center
Ms. Linda Schneckenberg, recurring donor to the Amistad Research Center

Ms. Linda Schneckenberg was the very first recurring donor to sign up with Amistad’s Network for Good page. She did so because “As a new retiree living in Louisiana, it has been very exciting for me to learn deeper aspects of American history through the renaissance of research and writing about the lives and impact of people of color. In recognition of advantages of white privilege that I unknowingly enjoyed, I am moved to support research that explains the enduring effects of white supremacy in our society and the achievements of all people.”

Dr. Halima Leak Francis, recurring donor to the Amistad Research Center
Dr. Halima Leak Francis, recurring donor to the Amistad Research Center

Dr. Halima Leak Francis holds nearly 20 years of experience including work in the non-profit sector, higher education, and philanthropy. An accomplished educator, practitioner, and scholar, her expertise is primarily in the areas of organizational capacity building, strategic planning and sustainability. Dr. Francis says “being a recurring donor of the Amistad Research Center is an extreme joy. The cultural value that the institution holds and its public programs are paramount to understanding our current sociopolitical climate.”

We hope you will join this group of legacy program supporters be becoming a monthly donor to the Amistad Research Center. Please donate via Amistad’s Network for Good and select “Monthly” for your donation frequency.


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