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Amistad Chosen As Repository for the Black Dance Stories Collection

by Amanda Lima, Communications Specialist

(Press the play icon to view the video and ensure the sound is enabled on your laptop or mobile device.)

Black Dance Stories | Credits: Dance by Samantha Spies, Animation by Kaitlyn Chandler, Drums/Percussion by Kojo Roney, Logo Design by Tony Turner

Charmaine Warren, the co-creator of Black Dance Stories. Credit: Tony Turner
Charmaine Warren, the co-creator of Black Dance Stories. Credit: Tony Turner

Amistad Research Center is thrilled to announce our collaborative partnership with Black Dance Stories to preserve and promote the web series’ impressive digital content, and to make each episode more easily available to the public through our digital projects virtual archive.

The Black Dance Stories virtual series was conceived and co-created by performer and historian Charmaine Warren in June 2020. Each episode showcased and inspired conversation between Black creatives about social, historical and personal issues, and the dance world in the African diaspora. Since its inception, Black Dance Stories has recorded over 40 episodes featuring more than 80 distinguished Black dancers, choreographers and movement artist who, throughout their careers, have utilized their positions to raise awareness regarding social issues prevalent in their communities.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter of Black Dance Stories with the Amistad Research Center,” said Black Dance Stories co-creator Charmaine Warren. “Together we are cultivating a rich, meaningful, and sustained cultural dialogue in the dance world’s field of history, and Black voices with exciting perspectives are joining that conversation.” Warren added, “Our mission in partnering with the Center is to give voice to those stories while providing authentic representation and inspiration to transformative growth for Black people, Black creatives and Black artists everywhere. To develop such a unique partnership with the mecca of Black and African diasporic history is a significant step for BDS and its community.”

Black Dance Stories

This new partnership welcomes the harmonious blending of Black Dance Stories’ continuing growth as a cultural presence and representation in the arts, as well as Amistad Research Center’s long lasting mission to preserve and protect the history, culture and stories of the African diaspora.

The Amistad Research Center and Black Dance Stories look forward to programming events in 2022 that highlight the collection’s valuable contribution to Amistad’s holdings, and the history of Black dance in the African diaspora. Stay tuned for future exciting projects and news.


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