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Amistad's library collection comprises over 25,000 books and pamphlets plus over 2,000 periodical titles. Amistad’s collection is especially strong in government and organizational reports on civil rights legislation, housing and education discrimination, as well as other legal issues. In addition to significant holdings of works by authors of color, Amistad houses the personal libraries of authors Countee Cullen and Tom Dent, and maintains an extensive collection of foreign translations of works by Chester Himes.

The genres of comics and graphic novels, as well as zines by people of color, are growing strengths of Amistad’s collections.


Amistad’s periodical holdings include newspapers, scholarly journals, literary magazines, organizational newsletters, and general magazines, such as The Crisis and Jet, with a focus on ethnic communities. The African American School Newspapers Collection contains 160 titles from 121 African American elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, and professional schools–almost exclusively from Southern institutions, dating mainly from the 1930s and 1940s. Amistad also holds a number of newspapers and other periodicals published throughout the continent of Africa, as well as by various African and Africanist organizations and committees in Europe. 

Amistad’s library collection is cataloged in Tulane University’s library system. Searches of Amistad’s collection can be conducted by selecting Amistad Research Center in the “Limit To” field in the Classic Catalog.

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