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We want to thank you for making 2022 a remarkable year! From receipt of a National Medal for Museum and Library Services to the launch of our first online catalog of our tremendous fine art collection, you have been with us every step of the way. We appreciate you taking this journey with us and look forward to working with you in 2023. If you have questions about your gift or recognition, please contact us at (504) 862-3222.


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Kim M. Boyle (in honor of Ernest and Connie Boyle)
Reginald Brown
Chester and Lesley Himes Literary Estate
Carolyn Harris
Elizabeth & James Williams
Ronald Wilson

$2,500 - $50,000+
$250 - $2,499

Nan Alessandra (in honor

   of Kim Boyle)
Gloria Brown
Askala Harris Calhoun &

   Destry Calhoun (in

   memory of Dr. Walter

   Harris Jr.)
Alice Cherbonnier (in

   memory of Thomy Lafon)
Henry Coaxum
Michelle Collins
Benjamin Dent
Larry L. Earvin
Janet Elder
Duane A. & Katherine M.

Ayo Fayemi-Robinson (in

   honor of Linetta Gilbert)
Michael Fitts
Senga Fittz
Diane Galatowitsch
Linetta Gilbert
Adrienne Go (in memory of

   Dr. Clifton H. Johnson)
Kathryn Hansen
Henrietta Augustus Harris

   (in memory of Dr. Walter

   Harris Jr.)
Christopher Harter

Pamela Hill Mann (in honor

   of David W. Hill, Sr.)
Andrea G. Jefferson
Robert Johnson (in

   memory of Dr. Clifton H.

Diana Kotzin
Halima Leak Francis
George-McKinley Martin
Mary Reynolds Babcock

Trimiko Melancon
Ronald Mickens
Jennifer Molina
Sybil Morial
National African-American

   Reparations Commission
The New Orleans (LA)

   Chapter of The Links,

NOLA Choice Realty

Ora Myles Sheares

   Charitable Gift Fund
Alejandro Perkins
Staci Rosenberg
Janine Rouson
Alvin Schexnider

The Southern Area of The

   Links, Incorporated

Byron Stewart
The Thomas C. Barron Fund
Laura Thomson
Bob and Fatma Tucker
Glennette T. Turner (in

   memory of John L. and

   Phyllis J. Tilley)
Theon Wilson

$249 and Under

Michelle Lanier
Kelly Legier
Ivan Lemelle
David Lemon
Sylvia Lewis
Brad Lichtenstein (in honor

   of Vernon Reid)
Jana Lipman
Terri Love
Tricia Lowe
Darryl Malek-Wiley
John & Mamsie Manard
Elizabeth Manley
Charles Marr
Secret McCoy
Melanie L. McGrath
Elisabeth McMahon

Keisha Means

Sandra Miller

Edna Moore

Lisa Moore

Michele Moore

Leann Moses

Kyle Mosley

Anthony J. Mumphrey, Jr.

Mary Anne & David Mushatt

Nichole Nelson

Kara Olidge
Lillian Olson
Connie Phelps
Keith Pittman
Justin Poche
The Pontchartrain Chapter of

   The Links, Incorporated    
Peter Porsche

Kelly Powers

Susan Price

Emily Ratner

David Raymond

Dottie Reese
Charles Rice
Maria Romano (in honor of

   Kim Boyle)
Jeff Rossi
Brian Sands
Alysia Savoy
Linda Schneckenberg
Anna Smyke (in memory of

   Raymond Smyke)
Carolyn Smythe
Beatrice Perry Soublet (in

   memory of Robert N. Perry,

Randy Sparks
Alison Stamey
Anna Sweringen
Cheryl Thompson
Courtney Tutt
Reynold Verret
Treschere Washington
Melissa Weber
MK Wegmann
Lawrence Winchester
Kimberly Woods

Nordette Adams (in memory

   of Zora Neale Hurston)
Rosanne Adderley
Ann Allen
Hrimgalah M.K. Amen
Matthew Anderson
Stephanie Atkins
Sandra Baptie & Lawrence

Tim Bardwell
Marc Barnes
Judy Barrasso
Trudy Bennette
Bette Bland
Dale Bonds
Mark Boone
Cher Bordenave (in honor of

   Kim Boyle)
Lois Boyle
Laura Brenskelle
Natalie Brunson-Wheeler
Ronald Burns
Nandi Campbell
Ronald Carrere
Dave Cash (in honor of Nat

Raphael Cassimere Jr.
Katherine Cecil
Tiffany Chase
Emily Clark & Ronald Biava
Alicia Cole
Dexter Cole
Elizabeth Collins (in memory

   of Warren Marr)
Karl Connor

Richard Cortizas

Stephanie Costner

Michelle Craig

Caitlin Crawford

Phillip Cunningham

Rebecca Cureau (in honor

   of Phyllis Riley)

Shaneika Dabney-Henderson
Alvin David
Daniel Davillier
Brandon Davis
David Day
Endya E. Delpit
Erin Doomes
Ann Duplessis
Deb Elam & Cary Grant
Marvin Ellis

Freddi Williams Evans

Sharla Fett
Vivian Fishco
Brenda Flora
James Flora
David Francis
Evelyn Frangakis
Donna Gentile (in honor of

   Kim Boyle)
Thais George-Robinson
Joe Giarrusso
Bernadette Gildspinel
Justin Godschild
Nurhan Gokturk Studio
Rudy Gorrell
Roberta Gratz
Piper Griffin
Yolanda Grinstead
Joshua Guild
Rebecca Hankins
Churita Hansell
Merle Harris
Karissa Haugeberg
Belmont Haydel
Bart Henry
Freddye Hill

Leith Hill

Abram Himelstein
Rosalind Hinton & Tamara

James & Soline Holmes
Jari Honora (in memory of

   Lester Sullivan and

   Florence Borders)
Sheryl Howard
Marcus Hunter & Ashley

Brian Jackson
Randal Jelks
Lisa Johnson
Catrice Johnson-Reid

Andre Jones
Cynthia Jones
Kathleen Jones
Tricia Jones
Adrinda Kelly
Nakisha Knott
Andrew Kopplin and 

   Andrea Neighbours

The Kopplin/Neighbours

   Fund (in honor of Kim


Dickson Kyeremeh

Raymond Landry

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