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Amistad enjoys support from hundreds of visitors who explore our collections for documents, images, and sound recordings that appear in books, films, exhibitions, plays, news articles, and research papers and that reach both academic and mass audiences. Amistad provides access to these records so that they may serve as the basis for new and thought-provoking examinations of the contributions of African Americans and other underrepresented communities to history, literature, the arts, political policy, and other areas.

​You are invited to show your support of our annual fund campaign and help Amistad to continue serving a global constituency of scholars, students, writers, filmmakers, history buffs, and family historians. Charitable gifts support Amistad's preservation efforts, the ability to embrace new technology that expands access to Amistad's collections, new acquisitions, collaborations with partners, and exhibitions and programming that foster Amistad's goals. As a friend of Amistad Research Center, your contributions enable the realization of these goals.

Amistad appreciates the philanthropic gifts of the individuals, companies, associations, and foundations that make our work possible.  Because of your support, Amistad served 1413 researchers, provided educational tours for 935 visitors (including students), offered dynamic cultural programs for 2150 attendees, and provided online access to collections.  Thank you for partnering with Amistad to collect, preserve, and provide open access to original materials that reference the social and cultural importance of America's ethnic and racial history, the African Diaspora, human relations, and civil rights.


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Amistad’s holdings are the heart and soul of the Center. Your donations enrich the scope of our collection areas. They allow Amistad the opportunity to provide the public and researchers resources that offer insight into the global and national sociopolitical landscapes from the 19th century to present. They also serve as the foundation of our public programs. We thank you for selecting us as stewards of your legacy and allowing to share your legacy with the world.


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