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2021 Archives and Library Donors

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Africatown USA Oral History Collection (2021), 64 digital items

Donated by Reverend Derek Tucker, Union Missionary Baptist Church

Black Dance Stories Collection (2020-2021), 47 digital items

Donated by Charmaine Warren

Amos Favorite, Sr. Collection (circa 1937-1993), 1.0 linear foot

Donated by Malaika Favorite

Patricia Goudvis Photograph Collection (1974), 1,245 digital items

Donated by Patricia Goudvis

Warren Marr II Interview: The Amistad and Schools of American Society (1971), 1 item

Donated by Terri Murray

Peonage Collection (2005-2021), 257 digital items

Donated by Dr. Antoinette Harrell


Dent Family Papers (circa 1990-2001), 3 digital items

Donated by Ben Dent

Hankins/Hatchett Family Papers (2021), 1 item

Donated by Rebecca L. Hankins


Antoinette Harrell Papers (2006-2015), 117 digital items

Donated by Dr. Antoinette Harrell


Donald Harrison Family Papers (circa 1983-2019), 3.0 linear feet

Donated by Herreast J. Harrison

Gwendolyn Midlo Hall Papers (1997-2017), 19 digital items

Donated by Dr. Gwendolyn Midlo Hall


Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame Records (circa 1993-2018), 3.0 linear feet

Donated by Cherice Harrison-Nelson


Ronald E. Mickens Papers (2010-2020), 2.0 linear feet

Donated by Dr. Ronald E. Mickens


Marc H. Morial Papers (2021), 2 items

Donated by Marc H. Morial


Senga Nengudi Papers (1995-2021), 3.0 linear feet

Donated by Senga Nengudi


Original Illinois Club Records (2020), 3 items

Donated by Tracey Thibodaux

Zachary Peterson Collection of Jennifer Davis Interviews (2014), 4 digital items

Donated by Dr. Zachary Peterson


Alvin Schexnider Papers (1968-2016), 0.4 linear feet

Donated by Alvin Schexnider


A. Knighton Stanley Papers (circa 1977-2010), 3.4 linear feet

Donated by The Estate of A. Knighton Stanley


Margaret Vendryes Papers (1981), 1 item

Donated by Dr. Margaret Vendryes


Young Men Illinois Club Collection (circa 1950-2020), 1.0 linear foot

Donated by Lawrence Robinson


Khalif A. Birden

Ruby Robinson Ennis

Wiletta Ferdinand

Brenda Flora

Christopher Harter

Belmont Haydel

Derrick Jones

Amanda Lima

Lisa C. Moore

Mori Art Museum

Museu de Art de Sao Paulo

New Orleans Center for the Gulf South

Kara T. Olidge

Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University of


Robbert Roos

Andy Simons

Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

Margot Terc

The High Museum of Art

The Historic New Orleans Collection

The Library of America

Virginia Museum of History & Culture

Margo Lee Williams

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