2019 Archives and Library Donors

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Carol Allen Papers (1964-2016), 1 Linear Foot

Donated by Carol Allen


Alternative ROOTS Records (1976-2017 ), 111 Linear Feet

Donated by Michelle Ramos, Executive Director and Board of Directors


Richmond Barthé Letter (1954), 1 Item

Donated by Marc Heller


Chief Justice Bernette J. Johnson Collection (1998-2018), 10 Items

Donated by Robert Gunn, Louisiana Supreme Court


Amos Kennedy Collection (2016), 1.34 Linear Feet

Donated by Amos Kennedy


Original Illinois Club Records (1930-2019), 13 Linear Feet

Donated by Tracey Thibodaux, President


Marie Ortiz Papers (circa 1974-2008), .2 Linear Feet

Donated by Marie Ortiz


Puerto Rico Protest Signs Collection (2019), 1 Folder

Donated by Cheryl Mann


Pyramid Community Parent Resource Records (1988-2015), 3 Linear Feet

Donated by D. J. Markey


Gardner C. Taylor Papers (circa 1950-2003), 10 Linear Feet

Donated by Phillis Taylor


Ashé Cultural Arts Center/Efforts of Grace, Inc. Records Addendum (1997-2017), 16 Linear Feet

Donated by Dr. Al Kennedy and the Board of Directors


Albert T. Bharucha-Reid Papers Addendum (circa 1980s), 3 Folders

Donated by Dr. Ronald E. Mickens


Crescent City Chapter of the LINKS, Inc. Records Addendum (2009-2018), 1 Linear Foot

Donated by Loyce Wright


Donaldson-Bennett Family Papers Addendum (1981-1985), 1 Linear Foot

Donated by Marceline Donaldson


Arthur Hardy Collection Addendum (1966-2019), 12 Items

Donated by Arthur Hardy


Ellis Marsalis, Jr. Papers Addendum (2018), 2 Items

Donated by Ellis Marsalis, Jr.


Ronald E. Mickens Papers Addendum (2018-2019), 2 Linear Feet

Donated by Dr. Ronald E. Mickens


M. W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F. & A. M. of Louisiana Records Addendum (circa 1867-2014), 50 Linear Feet

Donated by Dr. Ralph Slaughter, Grand Master and Marlon Yarboroug, Grand Secretary

Ponchartrain Chapter of the Links, Inc. Records Addendum (1992-2018), 1 Linear Foot

Donated by Esparanza Sullins


Southern Institute of Education and Research Records Addendum (2008-2017), .2 Linear Feet

Donated by Dr. Lawrence Powell


Susane-Duplantier Family Papers Addendum (circa 1912-2017), 2 Folders

Donated by Elizabeth Simmons


Jerry Ward Papers Addendum (1983-2019), 3.42 Linear Feet

Donated by Dr. Jerry W. Ward


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