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Language School

Does anyone know where i can find a dutch language school?

I live in arizona and i am going to be moving to amsterdam in a few year's i know most people there speak english but since i am going to be living there it is only polite that i learn dutch i don't want any of that online stuff or any of that stuff you see on tv just a good language school in arizona where i can learn dutch thanks.


What spanish speaking country should I go to for language school?

What are the best places to learn Spanish, travel and volunteer?

Where are some language schools in Gaithersburg, Rockville, or Potomac Maryland?

Im 13 years old and Im looking for a language school and homework answers website that teaches chinese, russian, spanish, arabic, and farsi. Does anyone have any suggestions?Thank You

Do exist some Brazilian portuguese language school in USA?

Because in Brazil are some english schools and I want to know if the americans learn the portuguese that is a so hard language realmente muito dificil

Where can I find a Japanese language school in Miami Florida?

I live in Miami Florida and don't know where to find a class where it teaches you to speak Japanese. Can someone help me?

How can I find a language school ? Any experiences you've have learning a new language? I'd like to learn German, and I live in Australia PerthMaybe finding websites may help? and any tips or personal experiences with a language school?

Anyone know any japanese language schools around buena park or orange county ca area? I want to learn how to speak and write japanese, and 20 25 miles at the max from buena park. and i did find some schools but they started since September and if i registered now i would be behind. so anyone plz help me and thank you

Anybody ever try immersion language schools?

According to history homework help service there are a lot of language schools that offer you a half day or full day of intensive training while you're on vacation in a country. I'm thinking of going to Germany and enrolling in a half day language school so I get a chance to see the city I'm in , perhaps two weeks, perhaps only one.Has anyone ever tried to learn language this way? How far can you get in a week or two if you really make an effort not to use your native language during that period? My German right now is pretty basic I keep forgetting genders, I can never remember which preposition to use, which takes dative and accusative, when to use dem den der, and I probably only really know a handful of basic verbs in present and perfect tense. Should I make an effort to study beforehand with Rosetta Stone or something to get the most out of it?

Do you think our tax dollars should be spent on englis is a second language school knowing that...? ...most of the parents of tthe parents of our little new american children who can not speak english have never paid a single dime on taxes?

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