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Through the Lens Checklist

Through the Lens: Photographing African American Life
July 2-September 27, 2013
Exhibition Checklist

Case 1: Images of Dignity: Early African American Portraiture

Barnabas Root. Daguerreotype. 1860.

Frances Lavinia Allen. Tintype. circa 1850s.

Frances Lavinia Allen. Carte-de-visite. Photographer: M. Sancier, Mobile, Alabama, circa 1860s.

Lewis and Mittie Cook Family. Mounted albumen print. circa 1910s-1920s.

Lewis W. Cook. Tintype. undated.

Mittie C. Cook. Tintype. undated.

Walter and Andrew Young in cowboy costumes on Mardi Gras. Photo postcard. 1 March 1938.

Unidentified woman. Taken at Novelty Studio, Boyles Branch, in New Orleans. circa 1910s-1920s.

Carrie Calvin. Cabinet card by Shreves & Mood, Texarkana, Texas. 1891.

William E. Townes. Cabinet card by I.W. Taber, San Francisco, California. circa 1880s.

Frank Anderson. Cabinet card by Simon Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana. circa 1907.

Mr. Beasley. Cabinet card by Anglin & Randall, Atlanta, Georgia. circa 1880s-1890s.

Case 2: Picturing Change: Images of the Struggle for Civil Rights

Robert Sherer. Four photographs of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. 1963.

Core-lator. No. 88 (April 1961). New York: Published by the Congress of Racial Equality.

Connie Bradford. Four photographs of CORE-sponsored pickets of McCrory’s and Woolworth’s on Canal Street, New Orleans, 1961.

Three photographs of the Selma to Montgomery March. March 1965.

 Photograph of CORE march in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Spring 1965.

Photographs of high school student protest in Jonesboro, Louisiana. 18 March 1965.

Case 3: Marion Palfi, Social Documentarian

Marion Palfi.  Photograph of McIntosh, Georgia, residents, undated.

Ebony. Vol. I, No. 1 (November 1945).

Marion Palfi.  “The Only Photographer in Greenwood, Mississippi.” Typescript document, ca. 1963. 5 pp.

Marion Palfi.  Photograph of schoolchildren, undated.

Marion Palfi.  Photograph of a street scene, undated.

Marion Palfi.  Photograph of a barn scene, undated.

Case 4: Photojournalist Arnold de Mille

Newspic: The Complete Newspicture Magazine. Vol. 2, no. 1 (October 1941).

Arnold de Mille. Walter White (center, with placard) at NAACP protest of The Stork Club in New York City. 1951?

Arnold de Mille. Adam Clayton Powell delivering radio address. circa 1950s.

Arnold de Mille. Civil rights activist and Spingarn Medalist Channing Tobias. 1950.

Arnold de Mille. Crowd scene of Brooklyn Dodgers fans. Note the signs for Jackie Robinson. 1951.

Arnold de Mille. Contact sheet for African American fashion photo shoot. circa 1970s.

Arnold de Mille’s Mamiya C220 camera. circa 1970s.

Case 5: Chronicling Celebrities: Photographer Carl Van Vechten

Carl Van Vechten.  Photograph of Countée Cullen, 14 June 1941.

Carl Van Vechten.  Photograph of Rose McClendon, undated.

Carl Van Vechten to Countée Cullen.  26 May [1941].  Typescript letter signed. 1 p.

Carl Van Vechten to Countée Cullen.  5 September [1941].  Typescript letter signed.  1 p.

Carl Van Vechten.  Nigger Heaven.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1926.

Carl Van Vechten.  Photograph of Elisabeth Welch, 12 June [1946].

Carl Van Vechten.  Photograph of Josh White, 13 August [1946].

Case 6: Twentieth Century New Orleans Creole Photographers

A. P. Bedou. “Waveland [Mississippi], ‘At Dawn,’” 1929.

A. P. Bedou. The Autocrat Club, mid-1930s.

A. P. Bedou. Children’s birthday party on campus of Dillard University, ca. 1940.

A. P. Bedou Abbie Levy Hutton, c. 1920.

Retirement program for Arthur P. Bedou from Peoples Life Insurance, 1963.

Crescent City Pictorial. New Orleans: O. C. W. Taylor, 1925.

Bertrand’s Studio. Unidentified woman, ca. 1920s.

Collins Studio. Andrew Young (right) as a college sophomore, with his brother, Walter, and mother, Daisy, 1949

Perrault’s Studio.  Mount Zion school portraits, 1954.

Case 7: The Rex Madsen-Jimmie Daniels Photograph Collection

M. Smith. Jimmie Daniels, Joe Louis, and unidentified men. undated.

Carl Van Vechten. Jimmie Daniels with bust. undated.

Paul A. Hesse Studios. Pearl Bailey. Inscribed to “Jimmy” Daniels. undated.

Carl Van Vechten. Harry Belafonte. 1954.

Photographer unknown. Phil Black, female impersonator. undated.

Carl Van Vechten. Ethel Waters. undated.

Josephine Baker and Paul Meeres. Inscribed to Jimmie Daniels. undated.

 Case 8: Photographers in Print

Roy DeCarava and Langston Hughes. The Sweet Flypaper of Life. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1955.

James Van Der Zee, Owen Dodson, and Camille Bishops. The Harlem Book of the Dead. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Morgan and Morgan, 1978.

Gordon Parks. “‘What Their Cry Means to Me’ – A Negro’s Own Evaluation.” Life.   Vol. 54, no. 22 (31 May 1963).

Wall Displays

Jules Lion (1810-1866).

Portrait of Judge George Strawbridge. Lithograph, 1847. (right)

Jules Lion. Portrait of Christophe Columb. Lithograph, 1847. (left)

Tony Gleaton (b. 1948)

Rev. I.G. Crawford (1st Missionary Baptist Church, Nicodemus, Kansas), 2012 (right)

Bobby Crosslin (Carl and Dorothy Bomar’s Place, The Old McMurtry Ranch), 2012 (left)

Roy Lewis (b. 1937)

Tom Dent and Mr. White. River Road Project, 1979. (left)

Walter Washington concert in Desire Projects, New Orleans, 1972 (middle)

Roy Lewis and Sterling Brown in train station, Boston, 1975 (right)

Louise E. Jefferson (1905-2002)

Maasai man reading first issue of Ilomon le Maasai (Massai News). undated (far left)

Ancient churchyard doorway, Gondar, Ethiopia. undated (middle left)

Arab coffee sellers, Zanzibar, Tanzania. undated (middle right)

Arab school boy showing verses from the Koran. undated (right right)

Christopher Porche West (b. 1958)

St. Anne’s shrine. undated

Victor Lavigne grave. undated.

Keisha Millon Shannon. undated.

Mardi Gras Indian. undated.

Jazz funeral. undated.

Funeral second line. 1981.






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